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Why should you employ a security driver for your important events?

No one will ever be too safe, and for most highlighted people, the constant threat against personal safety is double. Around 85% of those attacks occur in or around a transport vehicle. This implies you cannot believe regular chauffeurs for safe ground transport. Security-trained drivers are the sole answer to possess a comprehensive government protection program. The benefits are in-depth. From their technical driving experience situational awareness to medical coaching, they’re extremely valuable on the road.


The Dangers on The Road one may suffer: 

The fact that the bulk of attacks on executives involves a vehicle is dreaded. Except for direct attacks, targets are in danger of being kidnapped or moving into a conveyance accident. In the case of capture, virtually an hour of cases happens whereas in transit, though researchers counsel that the particular figure can be larger. Up to the 19th of capture, events stay unreported, possibly from the concern of damaging a VIP’s name. Executive capture will cause a ransom demand of $2 million, creating security drivers an important element of a good protection program.


On the opposite hand, vehicular accidents are the leading reason behind death among healthy voters within the U.S, killing 1.3 million individuals every year. Having a security-trained driver to confirm optimum transport conditions is one safety precaution to avoid such a fate.


How do Security Drivers Increase Safety and how security drivers are important?

Vehicle manipulation, skilled navigation, and directional awareness: these 3 capabilities build security drivers an important element of a security arsenal. Trained Drivers conduct pre-mission designing and have threat watching tools that provide them with the foresight to avoid risks. Some may have additionally gone medical coaching that permits them to attend to emergency symptoms.


How To opt for the correct Security Trained Drivers

At the instant, there aren’t any formal job descriptions for security drivers, even as there’s no universal organization with standardized credentials and qualifications that may lead you to the “most qualified supplier.”


A security driver will be anyone from a cab driver who’s completed a defensive driving educational program or somebody with 10+ years of military expertise. The lack of standardization makes it tougher for executives to recruit the most effective person for the duty. The primary step is to look at the believability of the company’s security qualifications by asking these questions:


  • Does the driving force have the expertise and specialized skills associated with this field?
  • What security-related driving programs have they completed?
  • Have they undergone medical training? Are they equipped to handle medical emergencies?
  • Are they skilled in managing operational risks?


This set of queries is to slim your choices down to the suppliers with a transparent designation for the duty and what it entails. If you are happy with the answers you bought, you will currently ensure the set of inquiries to verify if their service matches what you want.


Does the driving force have information and familiarity with the native area?

Will there be any pre-mission preparations? What variety of preparations can there be?

What reasonably security and watching tools would the driving force have access to?

Other than security, can the driving force give the amount of service and discretion the consumer expects?


Whether you’re recruiting a driver to become a part of your team or outsourcing your transport needs to be a third-party supplier, the list above than is a wonderful place to start.


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